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NEW ERA Clean & Care

Clean your New Era caps gently after each use. 

Every time you take off a New Era cap, it's a good idea to clean it up gently to make sure dust doesn't accumulate. This is especially true if you've got a white one. It doesn't need to take more than a minute or two.

If you can't dust your hat every single time, try to do it at least once or twice a week. Dust can work its way into the fibers of the cap, staining it over time, which will result in the need for deeper cleaning methods.

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Use wet wipes for more stubborn stains

Plain wet wipes are excellent for doing little spot treatments on your New Era caps to keep them from developing stains before they become worse.

Use one wet wipe to thoroughly wipe out the inside and go over the outside of your cap. Focus especially on the end of the brim on the side of your hand that you use most often, and the inside where you sweat. Fingerprint stains will tend to form on the brim where you grip the cap to take it off, and sweat stains can penetrate the fabric and be really difficult to get out.

Soaking in Water

If you just want to keep it from looking dirty, sweat-soaked and gross, and don't really care how new your cap looks, you can just wash it the way you would wash other clothings. Just soak them in cold soapy water for 1-2 hours (depending on the degree of your stains), then rinse of the soap off, and let it air dry for at least 24 hours.



  • Don't soak your caps if they have sensitive material (Eg. PU, Suede, Leather, GID, Reflective, Thermo-sensitive).
  • Don't soak new caps you want to keep looking fresh for as long as possible. Wait until it has visible stains and starts looking old.
  • Don't soak with hot water as the dye may seep out. 
  • Cap may lose some of its shape and look saggy and old, to avoid this, please make sure to air dry with a cap mold.


Store and Protect your caps

Keep your caps clean and safe by storing them in New Era cap carriers. Available in 2-pk, 6-pk, and 24-pk.  Click here to check them out now!